Who is The Bike Mechanic

Christian Moore moved to Denmark nearly 20 YEARS ago. Over these years i have worked always in cycling. I started with working at a small workshop on Nansensgade (la Bicicalete) .then  moved to one of the bigger shops, (Heino). from there i opened my first shop Moorebikes on Jagtvej.

After a couple of years there i got the itch and took a postion with the danish Cycling Union were i was lucky enough to travel the world with all the representatives of the danish cycling world and after 4 years i finished that off with  the London Olympis, with a gold medal in the omnium on the track. ( lasse Norman Hansen) 

This work lead me to work for a pro tour team BMC. which was amazing but after 6 years on the road i was tired of traveling and missed my family, which was at this time back in malmo in sweden.. 

Malmo is small place but a strong biking community which was a litlle fractured. I started Musette cycles and Cafe with a training partner Daniel Andersson)  and together over 4 years we created a center to the malmo cycling scene..

But having having started my Adventures in denmark i longed to be back in Copenhagen, so the i sold my part of Musette and moved back to Copenhagen. Were me and my mulicutural family (Australien, swedish, Danish) have now settled. 

This is the new adventures of The Bike Mechanic 

And that is me 🙂 

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