Attaching easily to your drop bars, this system helps you stay informed while keeping your eyes on the road. As the name suggests, simply hide your mirror at the drop bars and open the cap to expose the mirror. HideMyMirror offers 360 degrees of rotation so you can view everything around you. The range of view is an incredible 100 meters.

Perfect for commuters as well as those training, HideMyMirror allows you to keep your head straight while seeing what’s behind you. When the mirror is not in use, simply close the lid to keep the mirror safe and sound.


Can be mounted on all drop bars
Compatible with all internal 19 – 23 millimeter handle bars
Aerodynamic design
Mirror rear-view (100m for cars, 40m for bikes)
Size: 47*45mm, Ф32 outside
Lightweight 16 grams
Materials: ABS body, Polycarbonate (PC) glass, Steel Bolt.
Powered by The Beam
Patent pending


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